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Every precision detail of our products is a work of art handcrafted by professional artists in Australia. BORCH & CO. brings a touch of elegance and distinction to your appearance.

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The exquisite designs ofBORCH & CO.bracelets do not only serve the aim of supporting a luxurious and glamorous style. Every little detail of our bracelets gives a touch of strong character that makes your look more memorable. Each model design is an original masterpiece, made with precision, high value, and highlights the unique and authentic image of BORCH & CO.

Nappa Butterfly

This bracelet series is made from the highest grade of leather, genuine Nappa leather. Nappa leather is the softest and most comfortable material on the wrist. The clasp of the Nappa Butterfly is made of 18-karat gold-plated 316L stainless steel featuring a sophisticated design perfect for a luxurious and elegant look.

Nappa Recto

One of the standout characteristics of the Nappa Recto is the locking magnetic clasp that makes the bracelet easier to take on and off. This bracelet made from high-quality leather. The classy look makes it perfect for any occasion.

Infinite Recto

Introducing Infinite Recto, a handcrafted bracelet made in Australia from high-quality leather that is soft and flexible. The locking magnetic clasp makes it easy to put on and take off. The intricate and detailed design makes the bracelet look eye-catching and unique. This distinctive piece perfectly suitable to be worn on special occasions.  Infinite Recto also fit to be an extra touch to your everyday look.

Nautical Prime

This elegant bracelet can elevate your style in one touch with unique details inspired by the nautical style. Nautical Prime uses the highest quality leather, comes with a high-quality water-resistant nylon webbing strap, and a clasp made of 18-karat gold-plated 316L stainless steel.

B Hook

This beautiful piece uses a 925 Sterling silver clasp that has been tested for durability and will last for a long time. B-Hook Nappa is perfect for those of you who need accessories as a statement that steals the attention around. The double-wrap bracelet design makes your appearance look more elegant and classy.

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Delivers hand-crafted bracelets that exudes luxury and style. Through the use of premium materials and timeless designs, everyone who shops this brand knows they are only receiving the best.

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Making your dream bracelet will be a fun experience you won't regret.BORCH & you a chance to be creative and make your bracelet more personalized. Take this opportunity to become a one-of-a-kind owner by making a special custom request.