Unisex Series

Discover the epitome of style and versatility with our all-new Unisex Bracelet.
An exquisite and enchanting accessory that transcends fashion norms, designed to suit every wrist and amplify every personality. Crafted with precision and finesse, this bracelet is a statement piece for the modern trendsetter, exuding an air of sophistication and charm.

Nappa Butterfly Series II

The Sleek Versatility of the bracelet design is a smaller rendition of the bold, manly, and classy style, focusing on enhanced aesthetics and versatility. It embodies refined confidence and celebrates the essence of masculine elegance in a compact form.

Infinite Recto

From the heart of Sydney Australia which is known for its innovative architecture, there was a remarkable skyscraper called "The Infinity Sydney Tower." It represented the perfect blend of boldness and simplicity, symbolizing the endless possibilities that simplicity can offer. Inspired by this architectural marvel, a bracelet was created. It embodied the same sense of confidence and elegance. The bracelet's clean lines and refined design reflected the wearer's strength and sophistication. It encouraged individuals to tap into their inner strength, pursue their dreams boldly, and find beauty in every moment.

Nappa Interlock

Crafted with the finest nappa leather, known for its softness and durability, the Nappa Interlock bracelet celebrates the beauty of genuine connections. The interlocking buckle uses clasp 316L, meticulously crafted with precision, and serves as a symbol of friendship's embrace. Available in various colors, each representing a unique aspect of friendship and relationship.

B hook

Inspired by the fluidity and grace of a woman's form, the B Hook bracelet captured the attention with its captivating curves and delicate lines. More than a piece of jewelry, the B Hook bracelet represented a mindset—an invitation for women to embrace their femininity and embody the essence of graceful sophistication. It served as a reminder that true beauty lies not only in appearances but also in the confidence and poise that radiate from within.

New Arrival

Immerse in the allure of the sea with this handcrafted masterpiece, where nature's elegance meets artisanal craftsmanship. This unique bracelet features a harmonious blend of genuine leather and sea salt water pearls, each carefully chosen to evoke the spirit of the Nusa Tenggara Sea. The pearls, reminiscent of glistening droplets in the sunlight, are interspersed along a supple strand of leather, creating a visual and tactile journey that mirrors the region's breathtaking landscapes.