Nappa leather

Given that it is high-quality leather, BORCH & CO. nappa leather comes from full-grain leather. Full-grain leather is the best of the best among all leather types. Unlike most leather types it still has its outer layer intact. This outer layer usually sanded or buffed to remove any imperfections. This outer layer is what we call "natural grain". The natural grain contains tightly packed fibers. This keeps the leather very strong and durable. Since nappa leather is usually from full-grain leather, then it is likewise as strong and as durable.
To be more specific it comes from either full grain or top grain leather. They differ only during the tanning process. Napa leather may therefore be as strong as full grain leather if it uses the same layer of animal skin as full grain.
This allows the BORCH & CO. leather to retain a lot of its original textures and markings. It also goes through a finishing process that enhances its durability.  It’s known for being very soft and pliable.
As a chrome-tanned leather, nappa leather is particularly soft and smooth. The natural characteristics of the animal skin are visible as they have not been obscured by paints and coatings.
Love and take care your bracelet by understanding dos and don’ts:
Don’t wear while swimming
Leather takes a certain amount of care to up keep. Getting your leather bracelet soaking wet by wearing it in the shower or while swimming can strip the oils from the leather’s surface. If this happens, the leather can stiffen and even crack as it dries. So while your leather bracelet is a great accessory in a lot of locations, the beach probably shouldn’t be one of them.
Do clean with a damp cloth
It is all right to clean your leather bracelet if it gets dirty. Use a damp cloth to clean the leather, being careful not to scrub hard as this can cause any dust or dirt to scratch the surface of the leather. Afterwards, let your bracelet air dry in a cool area.
Do avoid extreme temperatures
Leather does best in cool or room-temperature areas. Extreme heat can dry your leather out. While it’s perfectly fine to wear your leather bracelet outside on the occasional hot day, you should be careful not to leave your custom leather bracelet on a radiator or next to the stove and should perhaps avoid wearing it while cooking over a campfire. Paying attention to the temperature and your activities will help your leather bracelet lead its longest lifestyle.
Don’t clean with harsh chemicals
Abrasive cleaning materials can harm your leather, stripping necessary oils away from its surface and causing it to dry or crack. Avoid the use of soaps or detergents on your leather. Generally, there’s no need to clean your leather bracelet with anything stronger than distilled water.
A little bit of wear is actually good
One of the greatest things about leather is that it looks beautiful both brand new and after years of wear. A few scratches on the surface of your personalized leather bracelet won’t ruin its aesthetics. Instead, it will give it character, showcasing how much you love your leather bracelet.