Couple Series

Introducing our Romance Bracelet Couple Series – a testament to the beauty of love in the midst of life's bustling rhythm.
Meticulously crafted with a blend of handmade artistry and luxurious materials. The set is elegantly presented in a bespoke box, symbolizing the unique connection shared by the dynamic couple.

Best Seller
Nappa Butterfly Couple

Each bracelet in the Romance Couple Series is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a reflection of the love and connection that blossoms in the vibrant heartbeat of urban life. Handmade with precision and infused with luxury, these bracelets are an ode to the romantic journey shared by busy couples who find moments of love and tranquility amid the urban hustle.

For Him:

Boasts a robust 4mm leather cord that embodies strength and resilience. Hand-selected for durability, the genuine leather cord features intricate detailing, reflecting the adventurous spirit of urban exploration. The bracelet is accented with a stainless steel clasp, symbolizing the steadfast bond shared in the cityscape.

For Her:

The 3mm leather cord exudes grace and sophistication, mirroring the finesse of city living. The cord is adorned with subtle metallic accents, creating a touch of urban elegance. The bracelet is secured with a dainty yet secure clasp, representing the tender embrace of a romantic connection.

Nappa Leather

Using the highest grade of leather. BORCH & CO. Nappa leather is the softest and most comfortable material for wrist.

Hypoallergenic metal

316L stainless steel with carefully-mirror-polished and 18k gold plated