B-Hook Sterling

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Using the highest grade of leather. BORCH & CO. Nappa leather is the softest and most comfortable material for wrist.

Sterling Silver

BORCH & CO. is using pure 925 Sterling silver that has stood the test of time

Leather B Burgundy
Leather B Burgundy
Leather B Burgundy
Leather B Burgundy
Leather B Burgundy
Leather B Burgundy

Leather B Burgundy

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Inspired by the fluidity and grace of a woman’s form, the B Hook bracelet captured the attention with its captivating curves and delicate lines. The sterling silver represented the strength and durability that lies within a woman, while the soft nappa leather symbolized her innate elegance. The design’s centerpiece was a gracefully shaped hook, meticulously crafted from sterling silver. It served as both a focal point and a functional clasp, seamlessly blending form and function. The gentle curve of the hook embraced the wrist with a subtle embrace, ensuring a secure yet comfortable fit.

More than a piece of jewelry, the B Hook bracelet represented a mindset—an invitation for women to embrace their femininity and embody the essence of graceful sophistication. It served as a reminder that true beauty lies not only in appearances but also in the confidence and poise that radiate from within.

Color Terms:
– Maroon leather

– 4 strands braided Nappa leather, 3mm thickness
– Sterling silver rhodium-white gold plated

Clasp Tone:
– High polish steel

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